Bake a Gingerbread Selfie or a Gingerbread Hero

Christmas is coming and this year we’re celebrating in a fun and tasty way.
Join the Rhythms community to celebrate our Gingerbread Christmas!


Think of one person who inspires you to change the world. Someone who’s done something amazing, who’s broken the mould, who’s helped you out or made the world a better place. It could be Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, or simply your Mum, teacher or youth leader.

Take a photo of your Gingerbread Hero and upload it to your social media using #GingerbreadHero, with a short explanation of why they are are your hero.


The Rhythms community is full of people who are doing their little bit to make a difference. Simply decorate your gingerbread figure as YOU! Upload a photo of your gingerbread selfie or set it as your profile picture to join us this Christmas, using #GingerbreadSelfie.

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