Get your household to switch to a renewable energy supply

Get your household to switch to a green electricity supply. We recommend Ecotricity.

Every time we use electricity – switch on a light, boil the kettle, use the washing machine, we’re drawing from a source that has either been generated in a renewable way or in a way that continues to damage the environment through the release of greenhouse gasses. The vast majority of the electricity in the UK is still generated from burning coal, a major source of CO2. But a small, and growing, percentage is being generated from renewable sources like wind, hydro and solar.

By getting your household to switch to a green electricity supply you are demonstrating your commitment to renewable energy and therefore to the planet.

But not all green energy suppliers are the same! There are a few who buy green energy from other people and sell it on to you. Which is all very well, but it doesen’t result in any more green energy being produced. That’s why Rhythms supports Ecotricity as the only UK energy supplier to invest a major portion of their profits in building new sources of renewable energy.

All the details can be found on the Ecotricity website. Everyone in your household might not be as excited as you are about making the switch, so be prepared for the people you’re talking with to be a tad lacking in enthusiasm. But get clued up and keep talking about all the benefits. You might just win them around!

Image by Alexander Danling via Flickr/Creative Commons.


    Two years ago we made a decision to use more renewable energy so when an opportunity to have solar panels installed we went for it. The great thing is that as well as saving us money we know we are saving the earth.

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