Give 10% of the price of something to charity

If you’ve bought something that cost over £5, give 10% of that cost to charity.

We’re all familiar with tithing, but this is a fresh spin on how we can give financially.

New t-shirt? Lunch? Train ticket? Whatever it is, give 10% of what it cost to a charity of your choice. If you’ve paid with cash, a quick and easy way of giving your 10% is to put the right change into a close-by charity box. If you’ve paid with card and don’t want to faff around with cash, you can give online or text donate.

You can give to whatever charity you choose. If you want to give to Tearfund then visit our online giving page or text donate £3 by texting ‘Tear TEN’ to 70444.

And the legal stuff: Text costs £3.00 plus network charge. Tearfund receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payers permission. Customer care: 0844 8479 800. Registered Charity Nos 265464 (England & Wales), SC037624 (Scotland). 

This is a great action to make a habit.


    Just so you know (not that it’s a problem) the number donates £5 not £3


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