Give up TV and/or video games for a week.

Give up TV and/or video games for a week. Use the time to hang out with people.

A TeleScope survey found that people in Britain watch 28 hours of television every week. That’s eating into a lot of time and giving us little to show for it. TVs do have an ‘off’ button, but we often find it really hard to use! We sit down in front of the screen at the end of a long, hard day and are quickly hypnotised by that big, bright screen. ┬áTV has become the background to most of our conversations, white noise to fill in the silences. If you’re looking for a hidden gold mine of time to devote to improving relationships and enjoying a breadth of life and activity, giving up television is a good place to start.

Plan ahead for this one, choose a week that will fit well in to your schedule, with no trips to the cinema or marathon-video-games evenings. Let your friends know what you’re doing in advance so you can choose to do other stuff with your mates during the week.


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