Go on a local prayer walk

It is great to be able to pray for justice in your city whilst walking around it. Your local Just Love or Rhythms group may run a prayer walk, or why not set one up yourself if not?

If you’re in a city you can draw inspiration from various landmarks and even the people walking around. Each time you see a homeless person, pray for them. Then perhaps next time you see them God will prompt you to introduce yourself. If you see a war memorial, pray for current conflict in the world. Pray for high street shops as you walk along the high street: that they would be doing all they can to minimise harm on the environment and to avoid using trafficked labour.

These are just a few suggestions – the possibilities are endless! In John 17:15-16, Jesus prays for his disciples: that they would remain in the world but not of it. A prayer walk is a great way to get out into the world but at the same time remember that we belong to God.

Image by Shandi-lee Cox via Flickr/Creative Commons.


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