Go on an overseas trip

People start thinking about going overseas for all sorts of reasons: to experience something new; to make a difference; to change the world.  These are all good reasons – but we think about your trip a little differently. For Tearfund, going overseas is about pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage has been a spiritual discipline throughout Church history. Christians have always travelled to meet God – be it to hear a great preacher, to embrace solitude or to visit a place where God is working. Pilgrimage is essentially simple. You leave what is comfortable and familiar, journey to a new place and possibly new people, you meet with God – you change.   This is a new commitment to pilgrimage – it is a journey from the comfortable and familiar to meet God among those living with material and spiritual poverty. – David Westlake

Government funded placements  and self-funded trips with Tearfund leave all year round to places all over the world. To find out how you might get to visit Bolivia, Burundi, Peru, Rwanda, Uganda, Cambodia, South Africa or Zambia visit the Tearfund Go website.

Been on an overseas trip? Wherever you went and whoever you went with, you can now mark this action as complete!


    I visited Colombia with Christian Aid last September, to gather stories about their partners and see their work with internally displaced communities.

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