Hold a peace vigil

If you’re feeling particularly moved or angered by the conflicts currently happening in the world, why not get together with some friends or other people from your community to pray for peace to come.

All it really needs to be is a space where people can come and sit quietly to pray for peace. This could be at your church or in a community hall; it could even be in your house. You can lead some prayers if you want or let people pray in their own way. It’s helpful to have some candles for people to light. You could also lay out stories from newspapers or Tearfund’s website, and allow people time to read things through so they can get up-to-date on what exactly is happening. Promote the event via social media and try to make it accessible for everyone, even those people who don’t usually go to church. You’ll be surprised at who turns up!

The other option is to hold the vigil in a public space like outside your church, on the high street or somewhere lots of people pass through. You’ll need to get permission for this and join with other people wanting to do the same thing, but the impact could be huge.

You can read here how to hold a vigil for Syria and there are lots of other prayer resources on Tearfund’s website.


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