Make a list of everyone you can be thankful for

Make a list of everyone you can be thankful for. Write to each of them to say thank you.

Hopefully you’ll be thinking Whaaaaat?! Everyone I can be thankful for?? I don’t have enough time/paper But that’s a great place to start. There will be a few key people in your life that you’re really uber-duber-thankful for, so start with writing to them. These can be as short and sweet or as long and detailed as you want. Once you’ve got these done, think about the other people in your life that you would want to include; extended family, work friends, classmates, church ¬†groups etc. Again, you can write to them however you want, but for a quick and simple way of getting to lots of people consider writing short messages on post-it-notes.


    I’ll start with the people closest to me and as I write each name I’ll say why I’m thankful to have that person in my life.

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