Plant some wildflowers

Since the end of World War Two, the UK has lost 97 per cent of its wildflower meadows due to industrialisation and changes in farming. This as well as the use of the use of pesticides and insecticides has had a serious impact on the bee population which is now in decline. Bees are a crucial part of the food chain and without them we simply wouldn’t be able to survive. So it’s time to get planting! If you have space in a garden or allotment you can easily plant wildflowers. The Royal Horticultural Society have some great resources for planting your own pollinators. When you have planted the flowers they will grow from April to October so keep an eye out for the arrival of those all-important bees.

Illustration by Hannah Harding.



    We got a packet of wildflower seeds and planted them in a patch of garden. They have come up really well and we have had lots of bees.

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