If you see litter on the street today, pick it up

A simple action we can all do every day. If you see a piece of litter on the floor in a public place, make the effort to pick it up and put it in the bin. Let’s make this a a habit in our lives. Do this action over and over again.

Common sense applies! Be careful what you’re picking up.


    Doing this felt great! I was in the park and a group of footballers had left some plastic bottles at the posts. The bin was barely 20m away – so made it a really easy action – it’s now in my do again list to keep my community and our park looking at it’s best!

    This was such a great thing to do. I was out and about at a play park with my nearly-three-year-old, and on the path by the playpark was a smashed bottle.

    Determined not to leave it there I left the toddler playing on the nearby grass and started picking up all the bits of glass I could find.

    A woman came along the path and noticed what I was doing, and she joined in!!! Between us we had all – or at least, most of – the glass up and had had a little chat along the way too. She offered to carry the glass away in a plastic bag in her buggy, but I said I’d put it in the nearby bin if she would watch my child for a moment.

    A safer path, a happy collaboration with a stranger, and a little bit of community spirit. Well worth doing!

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