Set up a blog

Set up a blog and become the voice of a justice/ poverty issue that you are passionate about.

It’s really easy to set up a blog nowadays. Using a free blogging service like Tumblr, or Blogger, or WordPress can mean you can have a blog set up in just minutes.

But blogging regularly can be quite a commitment. So think through how often you want to write, and when you can do it. Some people write on the bus each day, for example. Or others spend half-an-hour at breakfast, jotting down their thoughts.

Blogs are great because they allow you to say what you think. But they also allow you to easily show what other people think. So pick an issue or an angle on justice and then post your thoughts, ideas and reflections and link to other people’s as well.

Blogs don’t have to be really professional to be really engaging. The best way to get good at blogging is to just get on with it and try. But check out these 10 top tips on blogging to help you get started. (The last one is the most important).


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