Spend time with someone who’s lonely

Spend an hour with someone in your community who you know is lonely.

Who do you know who spends a lot of time on their own? It could be someone from school, an elderly person or someone who just doesn’t have many friends. If you really can’t think of anyone, ask a local nursing home if they have a visitor’s scheme. Make sure whatever you plan to do with the hour is appropriate for the person you’re spending time with. If it’s an elderly person, you could consider reading to them or taking a board game. If it’s someone your own age, think of what they may be interested in; music, art, sports, films etc. Whoever you spend time with, be prepared to chat!

Remember, this is about making a connection“ not just about ticking an action off a list! So be prepared for the person you spend time with to want to hang out again. You should have thought about how you’re going to respond to that before you do this action.


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