Take the ‘Like it, Have it’ challenge

If someone tells you they like something you own, offer it to them for free.

Selflessness is ultimate generosity. There’s a story of a man who owned a beautiful diamond. A woman comes to him to admire his treasured possession. ‘Take it’ he says. The woman is astounded and jumps at the chance to own such an esteemed jewel. She takes the diamond and leaves. The next day, the man sees the woman coming back to talk to him with the diamond in her hand’What is it?’ he asks. ‘I don’t want this diamond you gave me,’ she replied ‘I want whatever it is that allowed you to give it to me in the first place.’

This action may seem a little scary but it is entirely up to you when you take it. The only rule is that to mark this action as complete you have to have given away something that you can say you really value. So giving away a sweet, for example, doesn’t count! (Though it’s still a generous action.) It needs to be something that you know is going to cost you.

Also, just before you get carried away in a fit of generosity, just double-check that the item you are about to part with is actually yours to give!


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