Blackout poetry: The Borders

At our Live the Change day we had a go at Blackout Poetry, that’s where you take an article from a newspaper, black out all the words you don’t like and create a piece of poetry. It’s a brilliant way of rewriting the news and creating new restorative stories.

This is a beautiful poem Amy wrote on the day called The Borders which brilliantly highlights some of the major issues we’ve been grappling with in the news this year.

New borders
Flowered in Britain this year.
Hijacked priorities
In this era of entry charges.
The public
Is keen to see them;
This summer, the number of visitors has
Beaten previous records.
The ‘temporary borders’ run
For more than 300 miles.
Strolling slowly and critically
I checked our progress.
They have already begun to drift
Into thick swirls and drifts,
A tribute to the soil.
The new borders are a lesson to everyone.
Go, look
And resolve
To prepare as well as you possibly can.

The original article was unbelievably from a Home and Gardens supplement in the Financial Times about Kew Gardens! The original article and poem are below:


Fancy giving it a go yourself? Here’s a video telling you just how to do it by the guy who came up with the concept, Austin Kleon: