Celebrating amazing mums this Mother’s Day

Let’s celebrate our mums on Mother’s day and be inspired by mothers across the world.

Mothers can be the driving force of every family. The organiser, the chef, the friend, the motivational speaker, the breadwinner, the shoulder to cry on. This year for Mother’s Day we are celebrating women who have embraced motherhood and made a difference.

Here are five mothers, from famous actresses to local women, who have inspired many and helped to change the world.


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Selena lives in Malawi with her seven children. Selena’s crops have been destroyed with severe rain, causing the land to flood. During the rainy season, Selena’s house collapsed while her children were inside; luckily they all managed to escape. Selena moved her family to a nearby hut where her children sleep inside but Selena sleeps outside. Now Selena is having to deal with the dry season which means that once again her crops are destroyed.

Selena struggles to provide food for her family so she goes to the mill and ask for husks of maize, saying that it is for her animals but in reality she is getting them to feed her family. With the husks, some water and powdered orange juice, Selena prepares her and her family’s only meal of the day.

Only by Selena’s ingenuity and resilience has she been able to provide for her family. She has inspired so many by always putting her family’s needs before her own. A mother like Selena does all she can for her family.

Jessica Alba

Image by TechCrunch via Flickr/CreativeComms

Image by Techcrunch via Flickr/CreativeCommons

Jessica Alba, a Golden Globe-nominated actress, is a mum of two which she describes as being ‘the most profound experience I’ve ever had‘.

When she started to prepare for her baby, Jessica struggled to find safe, eco-friendly, effective and affordable baby items. So Jessica and her husband started a new business, The Honest Company. The Honest Company guarantees quality, eco-friendly products for the home and family that are non-toxic and healthy for the baby. Along with their love of gorgeous designs, durable quality and care for the planet, being a transparent, trustworthy company is at the core of their business.

Jessica Alba has opened the eyes of so many when it comes down to baby items. Jessica took her own experience of being a mother and turned it into a solution to a commonly-faced problem.


ben salter

Image by Ben Salter via Flickr/CreativeCommons

Farida*, from Egypt, was married into a wealthy family but sadly her husband died of cancer six months later. Farida was pregnant at the time. After her husband’s death, his family mistreated her and took everything from her. She was cast out of the family. They took her baby and didn’t let Farida see her for a long time. Her only option was to go back to her family who were already living in poverty.

Through her local church, Farida got to know about Tearfund’s partner Think and Do and its Widows’ Ministry group. Desperate to rebuild her life and get her baby back, Farida trained in hairdressing and was given some equipment in order to start a small enterprise.

One year later, Farida is back with her baby and now, after three years, is generating a very good income for her family. She also has additional projects such as renting out wedding dresses and running a literacy class in her local church, teaching and helping other women in her community.

Farida is a mother who rebuilt a life with her child, earning enough money to support her family despite the circumstances she found herself  in.

Victoria Beckham

Image by United Nations Photo via Flickr/CreativeComms

Image by United Nations Photo via Flickr/CreativeComms

This spice girl may be posh but she is also generous. Working with Mothers2Mothers, an organisation to prevent AIDS and HIV being passed from mother to baby, Victoria donated 600 items from her personal closet for auction. She says, “As a woman we have a responsibility to help other women.”

UNAIDS also appointed Victoria as their International Goodwill Ambassador, where she worked to raise resources and awareness.

Victoria’s passion for this grew from hearing the stories of women who are at risk of passing on HIV or AIDS to their babies. Being a mother herself, she wants to do everything she can to help these women. Victoria is dedicated to her family and with her help she has enabled hundreds of families to be less at risk of HIV and AIDS.

Gran on a wire


It was coming up to Norma’s 80th birthday and her grandchildren kept telling her that she was getting old, so she thought she would show them what she can do and prove them wrong. Sponsored by friends and family, Norma, as part of her 80th birthday celebrations strapped herself into a harness and rode the world’s fastest zip wire ride in North Wales raising money for Tearfund and another charity.

“I just wanted to help some children who were in difficulty. And Tearfund, they’re looking after small children.”

Norma, a grandmother, is raising money for children around the world who are struggling to survive every day. Grandmothers can also be so inspiring and she sure did prove to her grandchildren that she is not getting too old!

All these women are mothers who have helped changed the world in their own way, with their own strength and perseverance.

*Name changed to protect identity.