How God reminded me that he will provide this Christmas

A simple tube ride reminds Amal that God will provide so we don’t need to go too crazy at the shopping tills.

The week leading up to Christmas always brings out so many emotions and also the urge to check off our to-do lists. For me one of the things on the list was to meet up with some friends before I set off for home over Christmas time. So on Sunday, en route to having brunch with a friend in south west London, I passed through Stockwell.

When I came to London, two years ago, one of the most fascinating things was the transport network; how easily I could hop onto buses and the tube, change so many different lines and reach my desired destination. More significantly, it was the names of stations that got stuck in my head. 

Stockwell. That name has always caught my attention but this time it amused me differently. I reckon, it is the result of English being my second language. Firstly, becauses it always surprises me that there are so many words that I will hardly ever know. Secondly, it gives me a chance to scrutinize the ones I know and then play around with them. On Sunday, the word was Stockwell.

While I was listening and simultaneously mimicking the voice: ‘The next station is Stockwell’, I noticed people carrying loads of carrier bags from Marks & Spencers filled with Christmas Food Shopping. And there I was, fascinated, yet again. They had stocked well before getting off at Stockwell (pun intended).

I was reminded that I would have been similarly worried to get all things in the kitchen if I was spending my Christmas in London. I wondered if my family back in Islamabad are doing the same (I pray, not). At Tearfund, we are talking about hunger and food waste, exploring how we can make everyday changes to the way we consume food. In all the excitement, we can overspend and overstock, more than what is actually needed. A lot of food goes to waste and fills up our bins particularly during the festive season. 

This year, let’s try to discourage ourselves from ticking everything off from the list of Christmas food and shop well. Let’s be reminded that Jesus taught the Lord’s prayer and asked us to pray for daily bread, not bread that we can freeze for months and then eventually throw away. Let us also remember the journey of Israelites until they reached the promised land; God provided fresh manna daily until the time they reached Canaan and discouraged them from storing because it would have perished.

God will provide and shower grace one day a time. Therefore, let us not be consumed with the thought of consuming and let us stock really well.

We have some great ideas to help you reduce your waste and to create an ethical Christmas feast so you can get started straightaway.

Merry Christmas!