Modern-day Samaritans

‘“Which of these three do you think was a neighbour to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”
The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”
Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”’ Luke 10:36-37.
Here are some stories of modern-day good Samaritans who have gone and done likewise.

The accident

josh story

My brother Josh was near death after falling on a spike on an empty street at night. A passing stranger called the ambulance and stayed with him. This saved Josh’s life!

Josh had a 20% chance of survival and only a 1% chance of walking again.

Because of this man calling 999 and through many other miracles that God performed that day, Josh is now in his last term at uni, walking, cycling and is a goalkeeper.

– Hannah



missed train story

I had a bad habit of running late for my train from uni and this day was no different. I missed the train but decided to brave it and get the next one without a new ticket. When the inspector saw my ticket he said I had to leave the train at the next stop. So thankful for the stranger offering to pay for another £67 ticket!I am so grateful for real life Samaritans.

It really showed me how much power a stranger has to step in and change someone’s circumstances.

– Theresa


The last straw

Bike story

I had an appointment after work and then was heading home.

I had a terrible headache and I was completely exhausted.

My bike light fell to the ground and broke when I was unlocking my bike. A nice man walking past picked up the pieces for me. It was just what I needed in that moment.

– Katherine


Stuck in the mud

car stuck in mud story

One of the girls coming on a weekend away took a wrong turn and ended up down a single track road on a farm and got her car stuck in the mud. The farmer gave her a lift to where we were staying. At 8 am on a Saturday, in his overalls and  a van, he managed to get the car out of the mud and fixed her tail light.

Total hero!

– Tara



giving money back story

After realising that I had been given too much change from my shopping I went back and returned the money to the cashier.

She was so grateful as it was her first day.

Having £20 missing from the till would have been the icing on top of a day of many mistakes.

– Jack


The presentation

car park space- permit story

After driving around endlessly trying to find a space, a man saw my flustered state. He went into his house and came back out with a guest parking permit.

Thanks to him I made my presentation on time. 

I’m so grateful for the man who gave me the permit as it would have cost him money. On my way back to the car, I bought a card, drew out some money and posted it through his letter box. I got a first in my presentation!

– Claire


The helping hand

tie story

It was my first interview and I was extremely nervous. Sitting in the tube I remembered that I had not yet put my ‘lucky’ tie on. My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t do up my tie. An elderly man opposite me asked if he could help. I let him do up my tie which made me feel calm.

That simple act made my nervousness completely disappear.

My legs were uncontrollably jiggling in my seat, which I know was annoying those sitting beside me on the tube. After fixing my tie the elderly man gave me a smile and told me to ‘go get it’. Forever grateful for that man as I got the job that afternoon.

– Andy

Small acts of kindness go a long way. How can you be a good Samaritan to those around you? A helping hand could be all that someone needs.