Seven days to #LiveDifferent

Can you really change the way you live in seven days? We were inspired by this lovely article on Collectivity. Over the past few weeks we’ve been running a great little series on simple ways you can #LiveDifferent every day. Which one will you do this week?

Meat-Free Mondays: Me and Arnie Schwarzenegger: Why I can’t call myself a vegetarian, just yet.

‘There is one thing that me and Arnie have in common: we’re both cutting down on meat in our diet. Yes Arnie – I mean he’s not quite a veggie (apparently lots of body builders are) but he (like me) can see how current meat production is seriously harmful to our beloved planet.’ Katherine shares about her experiences of being nearly-a-vegetarian. 

Travel-better Tuesdays

‘What better way to celebrate Tuesday than by travelling better?’ Anna inspires us to chuck the car keys away and walk, run or cycle to our next destination!


‘In the UK alone we use and throw away 5,000 paper cups per minute.’ Jo challenges us to give up drinking coffee, tea or hot chocolate from a paper cup.

Thermodynamic Thursdays: The Big Church Switch

‘The energy we use at home – the stuff that powers our cooking, hoovering, heating, music-playing, Netflix-watching – leads to 14 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions.’ Clare encourages us to switched our electricity to renewable because it’s one of the biggest things we can personally do to help protect our world for the future.

Fairtrade Fridays: What kind of world will you vote for today?

‘Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want’. (Anna Lappe). Billie asks us how many Fairtrade items we can get in our shopping trolley at any one time?

Shop-local Saturdays: The power of your purse

Huw tells us to get down to our local shops. ‘Shopping at the nearest biggest store might be convenient but by choosing to shop at local, independent stores we’ll probably get better service, better products and we’ll be investing back into our local economy.’

Screen-Free Sundays: I phone therefore I am

Matt Currey rounds off the series with possibly the toughest challenge of them all: going screen-free for an entire day every week for seven weeks.