Six food saving tips from the baby Boomers

Rationing. It’s not something we think about now. But what can we learn from the baby boomer generation who grew up understanding how to save every ounce of food?

To us millennials, rationing can feel like something only found in history textbooks, but for the baby boomer generation it was a massive part of their childhood.

Baby boomers grew up learning to make the most of the small amount they had, wasting as little as possible. So as we think about how can we make the most of our food, we asked the pro’s for bite-sized tips on how we can give food waste the chop.

Tip 1: Learn to blitz

Frances chucks all of her leftover vegetables into a food processor, adds a stock-cube and blitz it all up to make soup.

Food waste tip

Tip 2: Buy loose

Brenda says, ‘Buy loose fruit and vegetables so you can choose exactly the amount you need.’ It also saves on plastic – win, win!

Food waste tip

Tip 3: Live Seasonally

Avril encourages us to only buy what is in season, this helps you value food more and remember where it comes from.

Tip 4: Learn about storage

Avenal says learn what should and shouldn’t be taken out of it’s plastic packets. Some last longer, while others get moist and go off.

Food waste tip

Tip 5: Freeze bread and take just the slices you need

Noreen and Brian don’t eat much bread each day so they told us: ‘When we buy a loaf, I split it up with into several parts and freeze it and take out of freezer as and when we need it.’

Food waste tip

Tip 6: Leave nothing wasted

Doris really makes the most of her food! A chicken can feed a family for days. Roast on Sunday, Chicken Sandwiches and cold slices on Tuesday, boil the carcass and make soup for Wednesday or stock for the future.

Food waste tip

The reality is that food waste is reaching boiling point, take action here by pledging to do your bit and and ask supermarkets to do theirs too!


Any more ideas of how to make the most of our food? We’d love to hear them: