Sunshine, hampers and bamboo

The summer picnic season is well and truly upon us. And who doesn’t love a chance to sit outside, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying the great British weather?

But this year, let’s make a concerted effort to make sustainable choices for all of our picnic needs. To help you out, we’ve put together our top tips on creating the perfect picnic.

Bring and share

Agree who is bringing what from the start, so you don’t end up with piles of leftover food. A simple Whatsapp group will make sure you don’t finish with five baguettes left untouched.

Shop local

Ok, not everyone lives in Devon, with farm shops around every corner, but before you head to your nearest supermarket, have a little search online to find your nearest farm shop or farmers market. Buy the food that’s in season. Who doesn’t love strawberries?

Shop package free

If farm shops are not an option, then try buying products that aren’t packaged. It does take a bit more planning, but try it a few times and you’ll learn to love it. Take some reusable containers with you to the shops and head to the cheese counter and deli to fill them up. And as much as possible buy loose fruit and vegetables. Try leaving your reusable containers in your shopping bags so you don’t forget them when you head out.

Say ‘no’ to plastic bottled drinks

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. So, before you buy a couple of bottles to share at your picnic, try a bit of preparation and help save the planet.

How about this grown-up limeade? If you’re organised enough to make it the night before, you could re-use an old plastic bottle and put the mixture into the freezer, ensuring an icy drink at the picnic.

Go bamboo

Forget throwaway plates, cups and cutlery. Arm yourself with a selection of classy bamboo plates that look great, hold lots of food and will last you for years. They’ve even got matching tumblers. And don’t forget a set of cutlery.

Say goodbye to clingfilm

If you’re limited on space and just need to rock up with a sarnie, then check out these great little reusable sandwich wraps. Simple to wash and saving space in small kitchens – gone are the tupperware drawers and clingfilm boxes.

Choose ethical sunglasses

In need of a new pair of sunglasses? Before you buy a £10 pair or invest in a commercial pair created by the sunglasses giant, Luxottica, check out these new sustainable glasses, Bird Sunglasses. Created by Devon-based entrepreneur, Ed Bird, you can read for yourself the good these sunglasses will bring.

Take your leftovers home

A third of all food produced is never eaten. Most of this waste is preventable. Picnics can be wasteful, so this year make your picnic have a purpose by using your food to the full. No leftovers in the bin. Anything edible, share out between you, or take home. Chuck it in the fridge or freezer and use at a later date. Any food waste that’s inedible, make sure it gets composted.

Inspired by all these ideas? Find out today how you can help break the food waste cycle.