Top eco tips for your summer ahead

The summer holidays have arrived and it’s actually sunny. Whether you’ve got time off relaxing, are busy searching for a summer job, or just continuing life as normal, we’ve got some top tips on staying eco this summer.

Keep heavy chores for off-peak hours

Yes, the jobs still need doing, despite the weather outside. But rather than waste sunshine hours, plan your washing, laundry, hoovering and cooking for the evenings. It’ll help reduce your energy bill and give you time to enjoy the daytime.

Don’t forget the suncream

Whether you’re a factor 50 fan, or just dabble in 15, choose a non toxic suncream this summer. It’ll be better for your skin and the environment. Yes, it’s more expensive, but the better option often are.

Enjoy the journey

Choose your bike whenever you can. The journey will take longer, but you’ll feel so much healthier and relaxed by the end of the journey. Just think how many traffic jams you’ll squeeze past. And if it’s a longer journey you’re planning, then consider the train over driving. If you really have to use the car, try slowing down and going at a more relaxed pace – a great way to save on fuel consumption.

Find your local farmers market

If you don’t normally have time to research and look around, use your holiday time to see if there’s a farmers market near you. You may be surprised at what you find. It’s a great way to stock up on fresh, local produce and enjoy chatting to the stall holders.

Cook up a storm

If you’re usual meal consists of five mins in the microwave, how about using your extra time to learn some new, healthy recipes? Processed food uses a lot of plastic packaging and is far less healthy than meals you’ve cooked yourself. Try the BBC Good Food recipes for some easy, delicious meals. They’ve got a great new recipe finder tool. All you have to do is add your ingredients or leftovers and they’ll pull up the perfect recipe to match.

Carry your own water bottle

We’re all culprits with this one. How often do we head out for the day, forget a water bottle and end up buying a plastic bottle to quench our thirst? The ethical superstore has a range of stylish water bottles – you won’t want to forget this one. Fill it up, pop it in your bag and head out for the day. You’ll save at least £1 a day and reduce your plastic footprint.

Any other great tips? We’d love to hear them.