What is Poverty?

By - 5 Jul 2016

Does your definition give any clues as to how we might solve this global injustice? We’re not afraid of these big questions. We believe that it is only through tackling them head on, that we can start to think about what transformation could look like. Keep reading →

Refugee Read

Meet David

By - 21 Jun 2017

Whilst the news headlines may have largely moved on from the refugee crisis, the truth is that the situation is more desperate than ever. Behind every number is a human soul with a story to tell. Keep reading →

Climate change Read

Speak up: climate change

By - 14 Jun 2017

Climate change is the single biggest threat to the people and places we love, both here in the UK and overseas. But through persistence, courage and action, each of us can play our part in tackling climate change. Find out how you can today. Keep reading →