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What’s it all about?

We live in a world affected by so much injustice and poverty, and it needs people who will step up and use their ordinary lives to make an extraordinary difference. Tearfund’s Emerging Influencers Programme is for exceptional individuals who have the potential to bring real change through their sphere of influence.

The Emerging Influencers Programme is a partnership. Tearfund commits itself to a select group of outstanding individuals for a year, who in turn commit themselves to Tearfund. Working together, we dream big dreams of change and work out practical ways to mobilise large numbers of our peers to take action on behalf of people who live in poverty.

This programme is not for the faint-hearted; it is for those who believe transformation is possible and who want to play their part in seeing it happen. It is for people aged 18-25 and living in the UK. Please take some time to read through this pack, pray and consider whether you are up for joining us on this exciting year-long adventure that could change your life and change the world we live in.

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How does it work?

The Emerging Influencers Programme is for 18-25 year olds. It is designed to be integrated into your life alongside your normal day to day, whether you are in work or at university. It is a combination of teaching, training, coaching and mentoring in order to make a significant difference to people’s lives. Our hope is that through this group of exceptional individuals, hundreds of people are impacted and inspired to pray, give and act.

  • Weekends
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching


The central gathering points of the programme are the two weekends away. Get inspirational teaching and training from people at the top of their field in theology, leadership and development work. Enjoy space to worship, discuss, reflect and pray together. Good food and fun will also be plentiful!


This is an integral part of your journey of learning and action. The EI Manager, Dot Tyler will be your main point of contact for support and accountability, through regular skype or phone calls and chats over coffee – she’ll come to you! This will be time to share how your year is going, how you are investing in your character and we will work together on strategy and action plans. Dot will keep in regular contact with phone calls and skype chats. She will also come to your city and hang out over coffee a few times a year.


We will connect you with experts in Tearfund who will be able to contribute a wealth of experience in a given field, in order to help your action plan to flourish. We will also help you reflect and build on some of the topics covered at the weekends, so that your learning becomes embedded in your everyday life. This coaching will be tailored to your passions but could include; theology, development work, campaigning and leadership.

Your project

This is your key contribution to the programme where all the learning from the weekends is outworked. It is the part of the programme which ensures that it is not only your life that gets changed, but also the lives of many others around the world.

We will help you to consider your own unique combination of passions, interests, gifts and abilities, and in the light of that to develop an achievable action plan of activity. It will include raising awareness of different issues to do with poverty and injustice among your peers and organising initiatives or events. You will get to mobilise your sphere of influence to join in making a tangible difference, through fundraising, campaigning, or praying for change. We won’t be prescriptive, so if you have a brilliant idea, we will work with you to refine and implement it. However, if you are stuck for ideas, then we will be able to make plenty of suggestions, so don’t panic if you are not sure where to start right now!

See previous projects

Beth – Put Thirst First

Beth, 20, launched Put Thirst First (PTF), a petition to ask the UK government to renew efforts to meet their MDGs about water and sanitation. After collecting 1,600 signatures from fellow students and churches, Beth met her MP, went to Parliament to meet the Minister for Equalities, handed in her petition and had it presented into the House of Commons.

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Tim – Rough Night?

Tim, 19, is passionate about raising awareness and speaking up on behalf of those who have to sleep rough because of homelessness. He is running a petition, collecting hundreds of signatures and inviting people to spend a week at the end of March sleeping on their bedroom floors in order to fundraise for Tearfund

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Chloe – One Planet Week

Chloe, 22, mobilised her peers to take part in her vision for One Planet week. Our current consumption of resources is unsustainable and Chloe invited people to spend a week living as though there is one planet withfinite resource. She encouraged people to sign her petition, text donate to Tearfund, give up meat for a week, take public transport and more.

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Fady – Unearth the Truth

Fady, 21, heard about Tearfund’s campaign to expose corruption and fight for better use of natural resources. He visited churches and CUs in his city to raise awareness of this issue, mobilise people to pray and then invite them to sign campaign cards asking for a change in policy. Fady handed hundreds of signatures to his MEP in Brussels and continued to be highly involved in the campaign.

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A partnership

Emering Influencers is a partnership between you and Tearfund

What we will commit to you:

  • The opportunity to make a tangible difference to the lives of people living in poverty.
  • Space to engage with God about his heart for justice.
  • Great teaching to develop your thinking around the theology of justice and how we outwork it.
  • Practical training that helps you to get active and think about how you engage others.
  • Insight into issues of leadership and broadening your sphere of influence.
  • Close contact with Tearfund’s experts to help you develop your learning, ideas and activities.
  • A brilliant set of achievements and experiences to put on your CV or talk about in interviews.
  • A group of like-minded people to journey alongside, be inspired and encouraged by and have a whole load of fun with.

What you will commit to Tearfund:

  • Attendance at the two weekends away plus final celebration day (Accommodation and food is paid for you).
  • Full engagement with catch-ups and projects.
  • An action plan (to be developed in partnership with Tearfund) with specific goals around creating a team and mobilising your sphere of influence to tackle poverty through fundraising, campaigning and raising awareness.
  • Accountability to your Tearfund mentor for the outcomes of the action plan.
  • Willingness to support Tearfund’s vision and work in conversation and activity.
  • Cover of your travel expenses to those events (though if this was a problem we may be able to offer assistance).
  • Other than the weekends away, we anticipate that you would give roughly an hour a week to engaging with the programme.

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