Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happened to Rhythms?

Rhythms is now known as Tearfund Lifestyle which still hosts all the same content – articles, actions and badges to inspire you to #LiveDifferent. We hope you enjoy our new home, a space where we can make an even bigger noise about the injustice of global poverty.

What is an action?

There are three types of action on the Rhythms website: Do something, Read/Watch something and Share something.

Do something

There are loads of ideas of things you can do in your every day. Big actions and little actions. Find the actions on the website, go and do them in real life, then come back to mark them as complete. These are symbolised by the shield icons.

Read/Watch something

Joining a conversation about Jesus, justice and every day life is important and on this site you will find hundreds of articles and videos that will inspire you and challenge you to Live Different. You don’t need to agree with them all so we’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Share something

Whether you’ve completed an action and want to tell your friends or get everyone taking action, you can share every action and article on the site. We believe that when we act together, the impact will be greater.

How do I get a badge?

When we repeatedly do actions, they become habits and change the rhythm of our life. To help you do this we’ve linked some actions together thematically; when you complete this set of actions, you will get a badge which you can share on social media.

Why are all the badges grey?

Badges appear grey on the website if you’ve not yet completed them. Sign in and start doing actions to see these beautiful badges turn into glorious technicolor!

Why is sharing important?

We can have more impact together. Inviting friends via Facebook and Twitter to do actions and enter the debate will have a knock-on effect to changing our world.

Where do I find information about going overseas with Tearfund?

Check out Tearfund Go for some incredible opportunities. Ask us something harder! But seriously GO! It really is worth it!

How do I sign in?

If you were a member of Rhythms on the old site, your existing Rhythms account should work on this new website. If you used to sign in with Facebook, just click the big blue button. It may refer you to Facebook to link your account again but once you’ve done that, you’ll be good to go! Any problems, email

Why do I need to sign in?

Tearfund Lifestyle helps you keep track of the things you’re doing to change your world. When you sign in, you’ll get a profile, customised pages and gain badges, points and rewards. Though all actions and articles are accessible without logging in, we suggest you create an account to track your progress and see what others are up to.

What do you do with my information?

Nothing scary we promise! We keep an eye on general community-wide trends so that we can continually improve Tearfund Lifestyle. The website and email communication is built to recommend stuff you’re interested in. This means we won’t be bothering you about boring stuff you don’t like! You can view our privacy policy (in progress) if you want to dig a little deeper.

What emails will I receive?

When you sign up to Tearfund Lifestyle, you give permission for us to send you information about your account plus updates about what’s new. Once you sign up, you can control all of what you get via your Profile Page. Please keep this information up to date – we don’t want to bother you with stuff you don’t want… ever. Additionally, every email you get from Tearfund Lifestyle has information at the bottom of it of how to update your information and unsubscribe.

What about the Rhythms app?

The Rhythms app is still working and is a great way to track the actions you have taken, articles you have read and to see all the latest content.

The app is easily available to download for both iPhone and Android.